How to Choose Tires and Wheels

The dynamic influence on automotive in today’s society has affected the simplicity of choosing wheels for your vehicle. Smart technology and competition among manufacturers have advanced various automotive companies into generating strong modern vehicles with powerful motor systems.

However, it is important for a motor vehicle owner to consider fitting their machine with the right wheels or tires. This will improve the vehicle’s driving performance and also control its handling ability on the road. Choosing the fit vehicle tires will additionally help you to maintain your vehicle service scale and reduce cost or expenses due to the traction of unworthy tires on rough roads.

The basic knowhow before choosing your tires and wheels should be your understanding of fitment. This refers to gauging your Cars ability to support a specific tire and fitting it to test its functionality. It is critical to realize that selecting the wrong wheel may cause vibration issues, struts, tie rods, shocks and even the suspension or damage of other vehicle parts.


However, these few tips I gathered will help you to determine and choose the precise tires and wheels for your car.

1.Understand Your Wheel-Tire Fitment Ratio
Every car has a range of wheel diameter sizes. Depending on the manufacturer or type of vehicle this will better aid in choosing the precisely customized wheels.

You can ask your dealer to measure your wheel diameter which is done in inches, and also the rim width. Once you have attained the desired tire and width aspect ratio, accessing the correct wheel package for your vehicle will be worthwhile.



2.Consider Your Driving Goals
After a thorough and precise measurement to get the perfect fit, it is vital to consider your driving preference. This is because you may need to acquire enhanced performance wheels. This would mean choosing a strong, thick, and heavy with a plus size tire package to enhance your intended speed and acceleration interests.

This also applies to the needs of smooth riding by acquiring smaller packaged tires which offer a relatively high aspect ratio thereby resulting in smooth, effortless and comfortable driving.


3.Consider Backspacing and Wheel offset
These two considerations will most likely move you into getting the perfect wheel package for your car. They ensure that enough space is reserved for basic car functionalities and minimizes wheel interference with other components of the suspended vehicle parts.

Apart from this, backspacing and considering wheel offset will help you in stabilizing your vehicle when on the road and ensure proper braking of your car.


4.Confirm Your Wheel And Tire Bolt Pattern
Before you purchase your wheel and tire package, ensure that you confirm your bolt pattern and whether they will work. These lug holes on your tire are what will perfectly connect to your stud bold model when fitting it to your vehicle.

As a careful purchaser, you need to ensure that it is compatible with the car you own so that they work collectively with the other parts of your suspension.


5.Test Fit for Accuracy
It is a wise idea that you should to eventually test fit the wheel of choice to your vehicle and ensure your option is compatible.